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Beehive Ebony Black

Brand Belden
Material Paver
Colors Blacks
Type Clay Paver
Series/Collection Beehive
Plant Plant 4


  L W H
Paver 8 in. 4 in. 2.25 in.
Paver 7.625 in. 4.625 in. 2.25 in.
Thin Paver 7.625 in. 4.625 in. 1.125 in.
8x8 8 in. 8 in. 2.25 in.


Standards  /  Value
C1272 Application PS
C1272 Type R:2.25
C902 Abrasion Type I
C902 Application PS
C902 Weather Class SX
Cleaning Recommendation
For sand jointed applications, Belden Brick recommends using a dry, fiber brush to clean this product. For mortared applications the bucket and brush cleaning method is recommended. For specific stain removal, contact us for more information.