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Home in Roscoe Village

Northside neighborhood of Chicago

Illinois Brick Company (IBC) is proud to highlight this residential outdoor renovation project within Roscoe Village, the charming “village within the city,” located on the Northside of Chicago. Client specifications for renovating this patio space included an aesthetically pleasing design with low-maintenance ease. Having a pet-friendly, entertainment space was also a high priority to our social, dog-loving owners.





The patio space is in clear view from the home’s interior, via large windows on every level. Keeping this in mind, IBC created a focal point design model to bring the indoor aesthetics to the outside. Oversized and large format porcelain tiles were laid to mimic the tile patterns from inside. These materials provided continuation of design and added extra durability, as their density is capable of withstanding varying climate changes and heavy traffic. Dimensional stone was specified for all the decorative walls, fountain, and grill to counteract any issues resulting from water irrigation processes. Since porcelain was not conducive to being laid on this type of grading, Alliance Gator Tile System was utilized for an easy installation.

IBC’s innovative products, along with a team of design professionals and skilled masons, transformed this outdoor patio into a beautiful, yet functional outdoor social space for visitors and pets alike.

Project Details

Product Manufacturers

Landmark Ceramics, Mount Pleasant, TN

Unilock, Aurora, IL

Alliance Designer Products, Laval, Quebec


Landmark Frontier20, 18x36” Beige Porcelain Tiles

Unilock’s Lineo™ Dimensional Stone in Granite

Alliance Gator Base


London Stone Works, LLC., Chicago, IL